Vanna (bath)

Vanna (bath) is a geyser located close to the Mudpots Platform. It was first described as a periodic spring by T.I. Ustinova. During last several years it has been functioning as an irregular geyser.

The vent of this geyser is shaped like a bathtub 5x2 meters and half a meter deep, filled with slightly muddy water. Water splashes about 1—2 meters high happen from time to time. 1—2 minutes pass between the splashes.

On the slope of Vanna geyser there are several springs from which hot water streams down. T.I. Ustinova and her companions used to get hot water here for tea and cooking. Backpackers did the same in later years.

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  • Bath geyser
  • Bath geyser
  • Bath geyser