Model description

Massive landslide seriously damaged the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, Russia on June 3, 2007. About half of the main geysers were destroyed by the slide or flooded by the landslide-dammed lake. Fortunately people were not injured.
Animation represents two main bodies of the landslide and the main debris flow in real time. Local time of slide's start supposed to be 2:20 PM (GMT+12). Timescale for the dammed lake is not real. In reality it took four days for the Geysernaya river to form the lake and erode through the dam. Several panoramas enrich the vizualization.

Animation control

Time control bar is located on the top left corner of the animation window. Click "Play" button on control bar to start animation. Click "Options" button (the one with a wrench) on control bar to set speed (slower / faster) or loop animation.