Run the application on a large 3D display and enjoy your virtual travel to the Valley!

red/cyan glasses

Here you can download the interactive application that represents virtual 3D model of the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka. The application has enhanced functionality in comparison with the simple model based on Google Earth:

  • accurate 3D model of the landscape (resolution 2.5 m instead of 30 m)
  • evolution of the landscape over time (soon!)
  • visualization of underground structures
  • animation of geysers eruptions
  • support of stereoscopic display

Different stereo modes are available. Anamorph side-by-side stereo - for any type of 3D TV set. Interlaced stereo - for some kinds of LCD 3D displays. Quad Buffered Stereo - for active stereo 3D displays and 3D projectors. Choose the desired stereo mode in the menu of the application.

Click here to download — updated on September 19, 2015

It is a Windows application based on OpenSceneGraph (open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit) and OSG Earth (Geospatial SDK for OpenSceneGraph). No installation is needed: just unzip the archive and run the "ValleyOfGeysers.exe" file.

Below you can find some screenshots of the application.